Live Writer is instant global transmission affording the author a unique platform. My approach regarding the content of Live Writer is unconventional.

I have books, poetry and testimony I want to share with you.

Live Writer offers a spiritual journey, perhaps a journey to change your life forever.

Could this be a  'Divine Appointment' for you?


    You are about to embark on a journey, a journey into the spirit realm. This is the unseen, a parallel existence coursing within planet earth, an unremitting power, far exceeding human comprehension. Age after age man has tapped into this realm, knowing, and occasionally witnessing, individuals, cross the narrow bridge into the supernatural, channels for evil and good. The following pages open a narrow path of discovery through the merging of prophesy, possibility and truth. Possibilities conclude with a true factual testimony of a life that is ongoing, living and real. Almost sixty years of fact, events, miracles, excitement and deep, deep love. Read on to experience the spirit realm and physical world. Be enlightened, informed and educated. You are about to step into the possibilities, commencing with dreams, drawing you out of earthly time, into an incredible world. Forces are gathering. People, especially the young, are being prepared to live their lives with powers never seen before. There are bridges already established, going to a place beyond imagination. You are about to cross a bridge.

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        The Journey through the book