When God created the universe, Earth was full of motion,

Dark waters roared and covered all, As God moved over the ocean.

Eventually God  gave a command, He said " Let their be light".

He called the wonderful brightness day, And He called the darkness night.

Creation had begun,the emptiness was gone,

God was pleased with what He saw, On this, creation day one.

Then God created the water,and placed a dome up high,

And on the second creation day, God had made the sky.

God made some land in the water,and called them earth and sea.

He ordered plants to grow and fruit, On this, creation day three.

The sun the moon the starry sky,pleased God with all He saw,

Time began with eve and morn, On this creation day four.

The sea became full of creatures,with birds the sky came alive,

God blessed them and was happy, On this creation day five.

From the earth God ordered animals,large and small, wild and tame in a mix,

From soil came man,God's breath giving life,On this creation day six.

The universe was finished,God's work was done, He could rest,

So creation day seven is special, Set apart, because it is blessed.


The Disturber of Joy 

In a world filled with anxious addictions, because it goes far too fast,

We're exposed to the three minute culture, selling products in constant blasts.

These eclipse the programmes on channels, offering amazing choice,

We can "zap" too and fro in our boredom, until  they become,

One voice...

A voice more often of violence, with murder, rape or theft,

So our ears and eyes are bombarded, through minds indecently bereft...


Any gentle whisper, from God's wonderful word,

We never slow down and listen, so His voice is rarely heard...


The throttling of our worries, and the draining of our joy,

As we cling to every problem, our lives we will destroy.


Have we forgotten how to relax, and rest in the Lord's gentle care,

We should stop this senseless worrying, and commit it all to prayer.

We've trusted God each moment of life, to help us take our next breath,

Compared to this, our worries are nought, when God holds,  in His hand,

our death.


As worries are handed over...


It's amazing how time will flood back, we waste so much with our pain,

The joy of, just living, has time to take hold, giving us balance again.

How could we have sat and wasted such time, in mindless mental abuse,

Very little of  the rubbish we store can be put to practical use.


The burdens we took upon ourselves, had anger as part of their load,

With a little talk to Jesus, He smooths the rugged road.

Prayer is the alternative to worry, don't focus on the wrong things,

Talk to Jesus, ask His help, and feel the peace this brings.

No more anger....

Jesus transforms this internal mess, as we follow all He taught,

Peace protects our hearts and minds, guarding each feeling and thought,


Forget the things that are behind, don't do things which destroy,

Get rid of that terrible, awful thing.............


The disturber of your joy. 

The House of Salvation and Joy   


We wander up the drive,  in the cold half light of dawn, We're proud and feeling good in the clothes that we have worn.


The door slips open slowly and we enter the first room, Confident we're looking good, in the hazy gloom.

The half light now is brightening, as day replaces night, With shock we see our shabbiness, we really are a sight!


Only Jesus makes us clean from this blemished state so poor,

With this truth we shed our rags, going through the second door.


The new room is quite spotless, it bathes in Jesus light, His work is finished, there He stands, so perfect and so right.


He offers us the robe He made, through sacrifice and pain,

With this He covers all our sins, and we are born again.


He takes us gently by the hand, and guides us to room three, In here we look and learn from Christ, our eyes, once blind, now see.


Room four is the spiritual reviver, and God's voice is loud and clear, Here we change in the eyes of men, and it's Jesus voice they hear.


The room of high endeavour is the next place to pass through, The past is gone...Now Jesus, is first in all we do.


Darkness falls in room six, and lost souls in compassion we mourn, For them we cry and fight, until joy bursts through with the dawn.


This joy and peace pull us forward, in excited expectation, So we enter room seven with confidence, full of anticipation.



The house of salvation and joy has seven rooms that wait, For souls desperately needing, God's help before it's too late.


There's another place in eternity, too awful for words to tell, Of the torment and agony, so far from God,

where the name of the house is, "Hell". 


It's all a matter of perspective

It's all a matter of perspective,  Life and all it's stress.                                                            

Massive problems and angry scenes .. Just seem a gigantic mess.                                                    

It's all a matter of listening, and talking through the strain

But the shouting just gets louder, and causes yet more pain.                                                    

The secret of making progress, is to learn from what we've done,                                          

But then we hurtle out of control, Suddenly...the choices are gone.                                            

At least with the options open, we can take the path of our choice.                                       

We can mould a life we would like to have, with a strong, respected voice.                                              

When the choices slip away, we accept what life can give..                                                

Not what we want...or would like to do,                                  

Merely a live.                                                        

This is a very hard lesson,  a life sentence....still with the rules.                                          

Are those who don't get perspective,  the winners.....or the fools?                                                 

      Before a step of faith,

Perspective has a role, it's the only way to cope with life,

Until we value our soul.

Before a step of faith, listening has it's part,

Keeping sin from overtaking, a cold and empty heart.

Before a step of faith,

Chance is the only choice, no matter if choices are many,

Chance is the only voice.

Before a step of faith, life is ruled by fate,

Good or bad we toss the dice, accepting whatever the state.

BY TAKING  a step of faith, we decide that God is the way,

In His presence we can stay.

This is yet another choice...... Just like Adam and Eve,

Are we tempted far away?

Or do we begin to believe.

Once walking, hand in hand with God, living stops being a  pain,

By trusting and giving your life to Him, God takes away the strain.

The next step......Let go and let God.




It was dark inside the prison, and the prisoners were all chained,  Paul was fettered to the stocks his clothes in rags, and stained.


He'd endured the beatings and lashes, meted out by the king, Yet here at the hour of midnight, he had joy enough to sing.


Every person listened to his voice, It was  raised up high in song,

How very  strange to be happy, When his  life was going so wrong.


He knew he was far from forsaken, his confidence in Christ was clear,

So even when things seemed as bad as could be, he knew that Jesus was near.


No matter the circumstances, no matter the level of pain, Just take what life offers, rest in the Lord,

Joy will refresh you again.


We, should sing songs at unusual hours, Not just when things go right,

Remember Paul's joy, and his happy voice, As he sang on that miserable night.