Dennis and I keep Divine Appointments daily, with eagerness greater than any anticipation we have ever known. We keep these appointments together as we begin and close our day, and also individually throughout the day. These times of listening to, sharing with and speaking to the wonderful friend we have in Jesus are more natural than any time spent with friends or relatives. These times enable us to understand the direction, leading and vision our wonderful Abba Father has for us, and so we can do our part in developing His plan and purpose for our lives.  It is impossible to relate our testimony of healing without the inclusion of all these other amazing aspects of our lives, they are all intertwined and so woven into each other they cannot be separated.

Our Christian walk has emerged from a secure life in Jesus with no more expectation other than for me – days with minimal pain, and for Dennis time to maintain a full time job for wages and a full time job keeping house and nursing me, into a future having a deep personal relationship with our God who is in full control of all we do, He fills us with excitement, vision, health, and the ability to pack more into one week than we ever could do in even a month before. He provides us with energy, and also the wisdom to know when to stop and have a break and be refreshed and refilled. We have found a deep joy and peace far greater than anything we experienced before, yet we also feel a burning desire to let people know our testimony.

I was asked to go into a Comprehensive school to speak to Year 7 about my job and my life in general. The youngsters asked me loads of questions and some of my answers amazed them. I could not think of a single thing in my work for the Lord that I did not enjoy, (I have had to pray about my maths when I’m doing the accounts), or of any other work I would prefer to do, or anything else I would like, or have liked, to do with my life. I think that is an awesome testimony for being in the will of God.

I thank Father God daily that I am His child and that He loves me so much He sent His one and only Son my Saviour Jesus Christ to die in my place, and take the punishment for all my sins, and bear all my sickness in His body, so that I can be washed white as snow and be able to enter into the presence of my Father in Heaven. Jesus died on the cross but three days later He came back to life, having defeated sin and death forever. I am eternally grateful, and I willingly give Him my life to work, define, and use forever.


This is the birthing of God’s vision, embracing youngsters of five, to youth of seventeen.  The Lord gave us the name, Youngsters Onto Youth Outreach.

Y.O.Y.O. aims to provide healthy and proper alternatives for the children in our society, showing them love, kindness and proper values. The Lord has shown us that our role is to present this vision not only to churches of every denomination but to every area of the community, where it is appropriate.

Our Mission Statement is to provide a service, with a safe environment for children and youth to enjoy. A service where they will develop self worth, caring skills and involvement in the community. A service where, under professional guidance, youngsters and youth can develop positive attitudes, respect and leadership skills, including participation in the managing of  Y.O.Y.O. A place where moral values and behaviour are upheld by example, and taught in a fun way with videos, games etc. A service for youngsters and youth who need to be heard, and provided with a place of value in the community. To introduce, train, and develop this outreach, for youngsters and youth, in the community. There is a need for youngsters and youth to have somewhere to focus, to meet, a place where they will be drawn to. Somewhere other than school, or the street corners. Somewhere parents will know their children are in a safe and healthy environment, yet a place where the kids want to be.

Y.O.Y.O. (Youngsters Onto Youth Outreach) vision.

Dennis and I have in the past led the ministry team at a Children’s Church, but now with Y.O.Y.O. a registered charity I work full time with this, Dennis at weekends, and for assemblies in the week when he can. We have organised and run a weekly Saturday Y.O.Y.O. and Friday GOD SQUAD, Bible Clubs, Assemblies, weekly Christian Union, specific courses in schools, leadership training for youth, we have sat on the local council forum for youth and a steering group committee for the area. We have also lead  Home-groups and Bible Studies for adults. All of this would have been impossible for me before 31.08.97.

How the Y.O.Y.O. vision was ‘birthed’.

So far the Lord has opened the vision in three stages.

The first stage came only months after my healing, and it was a revelation about the role of children and youth in our churches.

The devil has for many years, abused our children, and hindered the direction of children’s ministry. God revealed to us His plan for the outpouring of new wine into new wineskins.

Churches are in the business of “repair mode”, helping people, who have been damaged by the world, to “sort out” and be healed from that damage.                                                                                                                                                                                                             When Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me” He was speaking to us. So often we look at children in the way the disciples did, we have moved them out of the congregation, sat them down and ‘entertained’ them in our churches. First aid is kept going in the main body of the church, so repair and deep healing from the scars of the world can be undertaken by the Holy Spirit on the teenagers and adults brought into the churches by God. Of course this ‘repair’ work is essential, but we need to look at the situation with new eyes, eyes with scales removed. If we reach the children before they are contaminated by the world, and they receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour at an early age they will walk with the Lord and not need repairing. They will take their places as small temples of Holy Spirit, (Holy Spirit is the same powerful Holy Spirit in children). Jesus told us we must become like little children, they have a head start on us, we have much to learn FROM THEM!

These small temples of the Holy Spirit will take their place ministering beside the teens and adults, HELPING WITH THE FIRST AID. We have allowed the devil to contaminate and ruin our children. We must fight for our children BEFORE they need to be repaired.                                      By the time a child has reached the age of seven we are told by the experts that they have received all RELEVANT input to shape their lives. There are millions of children out there who are being sent into a spiritual minefield because the world reaches them before we reach them for Jesus, and when we finally do have them brought across our outreach as teenagers or adults, they are so damaged by the world they have to undergo painful repair and mending.Television, videos, films, computers, toys, music, magazines, books, and the attitude of society that ‘anything goes’ with violence, sex, perversion, demonic sci. fi. saying to kids, it’s all okay.

As Christians our efforts have been focused on evangelism towards the community which is quite right and proper but we need to declare war on the devil and society as far as our children are concerned.

Jesus showed us children. Just imagine a church where children at a young age were being led and trained by Jesus! Their walk in the world would be protected, they would witness and get alongside other young children and bring them to the Lord, they would fulfil a role within the Body of Christ from an early age as they operate in the Gifts and with the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Our children are NOT the CHURCH OF TOMORROW THEY ARE THE CHURCH OF TODAY.

If we reached them at an early age there would be no problem with teenagers leaving the churches as they are now doing, because as young children their part in the BODY OF CHRIST IS ESTABLISHED AND BEING FULFILLED. As a church we MUST recognise that when a child invites the Lord Jesus into their hearts the Holy Spirit who takes up residence with them is not miniature or childlike, He is the same Holy Spirit who lives in every believer, with that same awesome power. Isaiah 11:6….a little child will lead them….Psalm 8:2…From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. The Lord is calling us into these prophetic words, He is going to pour the New Wine into New Wineskins. Praise the Lord.  To God be the glory.

The second stage of the YOYO Vision from the Lord came in the form of a training package.  This began with the youngsters seeking Jesus, and then a further programme for them as they mature, and for other youth to follow, enabling growth and development within the church body, establishing a role, and a place for them within the church organisation.

The third stage of the YOYO vision was to become a Registered Charity, this would allow YOYO freedom within all denominations of the church, and official acceptability in the secular arena.

The Lord led us to sow into another ministry, which in human terms, and with our limited funds needed total trust in the Lord as He led us to sow a very specific and quite large amount of money. This is a testimony about the faithfulness of our precious and wonderful Father God who loves His children so much He sends a harvest when seeds are sown. Our seed produced a 2,000 fold harvest all in the same day, 4o days after the initial seed was sown. On that day, in the morning, a cheque arrived and by evening the rest of the 2,000 fold harvest was in our hands, a seed multiplied enough to allow for the substantial deposit for the Y.O.Y.O. Bus. We had been praying for this so the Lord’s work could expand. The bus seated eight, and in itself was a miracle because once again directed by the Lord we were travelling along a road not often used by us, and we were prompted to stop at a garage we passed. There was the Y.O.Y.O. Bus and we knew this was a gift from God                                            Although a number of years old it had only 26,000 miles on the clock and because it was an import from Hong Kong it had many wonderful features that the same model sold in this country did not have. The Lord was with us every step of the way as we purchased the vehicle and He provided the money for the Y.O.Y.O Bus. We give God all the glory for the wonderful faithfulness and provision of His mighty hand.

The Y.O.Y.O. Van

In 2008 we had to buy another vehicle. Y.O.Y.O. had specific needs for the puppet theatre and equipment requiring transport to the outdoor markets. We had been provided with money from Gift Aid. Because all our efforts to find a suitable vehicle were failing, we felt directed to cancel a Saturday engagement and follow up several possibilities at garages in Bristol. Unfortunately everywhere we went the vehicle had just been sold. Driving home we felt quite despondent. We spotted two women and a child walking in the middle of no-where getting drenched in pouring rain. We stopped and gave them a lift. They had just got off a bus, having realised it was not going to Street. The older woman and her ten year old daughter, and the younger woman, were returning from a mental hospital after visiting son, brother and Partner. The young man was very poorly. We knew this was a God inspired meeting when the older lady said she had been questioning God, no-one could understand her despair at her son’s illness. We were able to share with her our family testimony, and Jesus. She said God had sent us to her. We dropped them off at their house. We bought the Y.O.Y.O.  Van at the next garage we visited.

YOYO hires a hall in Langport, and has worked in partnership with the local Council on several committees for young people, with all the local churches, not only in Langport but in Street, Somerton, Bridgwater and Taunton, and we have national and international connections. The vision is in place, we are ‘running’ with it locally, have given the YOYO package away, (as directed by the Lord), to several Youth groups in Manchester, a French international organisation, and locally in South Somerset to Children/Youth ministries as they have used our resources.


‘Drop In’ café, youth church, youth Alpha, assemblies, Christian Union in schools, mentoring courses for youth, a Resource Centre to equip leaders. We run a Puppet outreach, literally, ‘Market Place Church’. The YOYO Singing Puppets were front page news at the annual Summer Fair in Axbridge. Our pitch was near a pub in the town centre market, people stood outside with their drinks singing along. We give out leaflets with the words, all the songs are about Jesus. YOYO received an invitation from the united churches in Axbridge, inviting the puppets and G Team, (God Squad), to their ‘Alternative Halloween’. Children from six villages attended.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In one year we actually featured for Jesus, in the newspapers, three times. We have been on the sea front at Burnham on Sea, and are regulars at local Christmas Markets. The YOYO Market Place Church can be found in the towns of the South West throughout the year at Markets in Langport, Street, the centre of Taunton, Glastonbury, and also with United Church outreach meetings, and school based activities. All for the glory of God. Every day is filled with excitement and anticipation because we have a life of miracles. We couldn’t live without Jesus and prayer in our lives, and wouldn’t choose to.

We have been working alongside the Anglican Church for a number of years now, with the CLYP Project (Christian Liaison for Young People). I am a Trustee and also Line Manager for Helen the Youth Worker. The Anglican church purchased The Old Custom House in Langport, as a community facility, with extensive youth provision. The YOYO Youth Management Team expanded to also become The Angel Youth Management Team. They will be the driving force in developing youth facilities in the Angel Stables.                                                                                  

 What’s on offer for youth ? A dedicated room for after school, holiday use, ‘Drop In’, have a drink and a chat, ‘chill’ with friends, or just ‘hang out’, a large function room to hold Events with live bands, Clubs/Activities, a Garden, BBQ area. Helen the CLYP Youth Worker, will share an office with me at the Angel.


The past two years have been quite testing. We had to have extensive structural work on the house, and in January 2009 we moved into the west wing, one room, a converted garage. This was an exceptionally cold winter with heavy falls of snow, we were cramped and Adrian wasn’t well, life was not easy with just a kettle and microwave. The work took weeks and I began to feel poorly. A nagging pain in my stomach would not go away, and even with prayer it didn’t ease. Eventually I was rushed into hospital with a perforated appendix, which was removed, and I felt fine for several hours. I was trying to get out of bed when something seemed to happen in my abdomen and I collapsed. The Lord was with me and a quite calm, almost excited feeling, I thought I was going ‘home’ with Jesus. The second operation put me onto an awful hospital ward and the only thing on my mind was to get out as fast as possible. There was confusion and because my notes hadn’t caught up with me I wangled getting discharged because the doctor thought I had just had one operation. I knew I would be fine once I got back to Fyddlers End.  We also had running alongside all of this a three year battle with EDF. And when I was poorly with Swine Flu it reached a climax. They came onto our property and put in a key meter. We are still in an ongoing dispute, our MP is now involved. The stress could be unbearable, but the Lord gives us peace when we ask Him, and from this place we can react and deal with things.                                                                                                                                                          In January 2010 I fell down on the ice and my left knee was swollen and painful. This was a worsening problem, until finally, in August, I was hospitalized again, having damaged cartilage removed from my knee.

At this point I need to tell you about the amazing place the Lord has given to us to live. The Somerset Levels surround us and every room has an awesome view, God’s creation is everywhere. We have lived here for twenty years without mains water, but we have a large garden and a river running alongside the property. It was a gift from God. We really do have a blessed and awesome life because of God, the Lord provided this spectacular place for us to live. It was no chance or accident that we found ourselves praying about, and eventually buying Fyddlers End. The possibility of our being able to afford the property seemed impossible, but once again the Lord softened hearts so our offer would be accepted, and in May 1990 we moved from Wiveliscombe to the Wetlands. Fyddlers End and the two thirds of an acre of surrounding land belong to the Lord, Dennis and I surrendered it all to Him, and He has used this wonderful place as a refuge, a retreat and a place of safety and peace, not only for ourselves, but also for the many people He has sent to us. Fyddlers End is an important part of our ministry, housing our Y.O.Y.O. office/base, Resource Centre and equipment store, but essentially it has always been a place offering prayer, encouragement, ministry, teaching and help.

The Lord has His angels encamped around and on the property, so we have a unique atmosphere of peace and safety. What more could we want, need or desire. When my days are difficult the Lord sends me wonderful gifts. A Kingfisher found on the floor in the office, just sat there with Huxley our dog, and I got to hold this breathtaking creature and watch him up close, he was calm and seemed unafraid. There have been many Kingfisher blessings, watching them dive, have a bath or sit motionless, the Lord knows how much this means, and I know He loves me. He has blessed us with wild ducks and their babies, a female bustard to be viewed from our kitchen window, feeders in a tree outside our bedroom where we can view the woodpeckers and numerous other beautiful birds. Our wonderful Buzzards soaring, diving, weaving against a backdrop of blue sky. When Huxley, my beloved canine companion for so many years, died, I was very sad. The Lord sent a cat, she was living rough and when we put out food she came and made her home with us. Recently I was feeling low and allowing negative thoughts into my mind. Dennis called me to look at two young pigeons on the lawn. Their Mum came and they followed her up onto a beam of wood. She began to feed them and as she went to each one she spread her wing around them, like a hug. I wanted to cry, it made me think of Father God and His tender arms holding me. He is everywhere I look.

God incidents

Before my healing, for many years, I took a Sunday School Class each week at a local church. We had a holiday booked to Spain, where a friend let us rent her apartment. Next to the shop and complex office we spotted a notice advertising a church service in a hotel. We decided to go. There were a number of people who were on holiday so one of the Pastors asked us to introduce ourselves and say where we came from. After the service we found ourselves being taken aside by the couple who pastured the fellowship. They were very excited because we lived close to their daughter and two granddaughters. Apparently they had been praying their Grandchildren would go to Sunday School, so when I had mentioned  I taught a class they asked if we would make contact and take the two girls with us each Sunday. When we got home I telephoned and explained who I was. It was all easy because the Pastors had been in touch and told them about us. For many years we picked up the girls and also involved them in our other outreach, and we got to know the family. When I was healed it was a tremendous witness. Mum was already attending church, but Dad was not convinced. This was an incredible ‘God Incident’ because it involved thousands of miles to connect to people who were almost neighbours. God had orchestrated this from the moment I sat down next to the person at Selwyn College Cambridge, and we became friends, she found Jesus and was Baptised, and let us use her apartment in Spain.

After my healing, on holiday at this apartment in Spain once again, we found ourselves ministering to several people. We agreed one last meeting on the evening hours before we were due to fly home. It was brilliant to see the Lord working in this precious teenager. Her Dad said he would drive us to the airport.  He dropped us off and we made our way to join the line for checking in. The Lord honours those who honour Him. As we handed over our tickets it was approaching midnight, the gentleman looked at us, took our passports and proceeded to speak to someone on the telephone. We couldn’t understand what he was saying but an uneasy feeling began to creep inside my head, something was definitely wrong. Eventually he turned and looked at us saying the bad news was that we had misread our tickets and had missed the flight by twenty four hours. (If we had not misread we could not have been used  by the Lord to minister to the teenager). The chap then half smiled at us saying he had put us on  this flight and there would be no extra charge. We appreciated this was most unusual, but with God in control amazing things happen

As I began to hear God more clearly I found myself doing things I would not normally do.

I was out shopping with Dennis and as he went into the Christian Book Shop I went next door to pick up office supplies. The place was packed and I stood in line waiting to be served. To my right a young man and older gentleman were talking, they were waiting for some photocopying. Suddenly I was being asked to give them my testimony book, (I had felt prompted to put one in my bag before we left home). I actually had a lively conversation explaining to God that this would be embarrassing as I didn’t know them. However I realized I had to do it so I put my stationary back, (so I could make a quick exit), and I moved across getting the book out of my bag. I explained that I knew they would think I was very strange but God had told me to give them my testimony. I handed it over to the surprised pair and bolted out of the shop and went next door to find Dennis.  We huddled together and told him what I had done when the door opened and the older chap came in and straight towards me. He said the young man recently gave his life to the Lord and the previous night he was sharing Jesus with a group of his friends. They laughed and said they would listen to him when he brought them evidence that Jesus is still working miracles. The young man was taking my testimony for them to read.

In the early hours of one morning I woke up with the clear instructions to telephone someone I had not seen in years and who I used to work with. Again I had a ‘chat’ with God saying I didn’t think it was a good idea. I am learning not to question! Deciding to dial and let it ring three times I thought that would be ok and she wouldn’t answer, but on the second ring I heard her voice. My stumbling apology about the Lord telling me to phone was cut short when she when she declared that she was so thankful for the call. She had to have her locks changed because of a stalker getting in and moving things around when she was out. The police said not to stay there eon her own as it was the first night but she didn’t listen and now she could hear noises outside and was really scared. We talked for ages until she was able to sleep.

When I look back over the years I see the amazing way the Lord has touched my life and that of my family. I suppose the most wonderful for my Mum was when she was in a state of drug induced unconsciousness dying of cancer. With my sister we prayed that someone from the church who knew Mum would come to pray for her. The two ministers who fitted this description had recently moved on and the new chap had never got to know Mum. We went to the canteen for a break and as we walked in we both exclaimed together, there sitting at a table in front of us was one of the pair of ministers we had prayed about. He had stopped off on a journey from Newcastle to London to have a meeting here at the hospital with an old friend. We told him about Mum  and he went with us to pray for her. As he was praying she opened her eyes for the first time in a week and smiling she said, “Thank you.” She died peacefully the following day.

He has always been with us

I went to college on a pre nursing course and met Dennis. We were fifteen.

Every lunch time I went with a group of friends to trampoline in the gym. Three or four boys would often turn up and kick footballs at us. Dennis was one of them, and Gordon, someone I had known since I was five. Gordon told me that two of the boys liked me, Billy and Dennis, and would I like to go out with one of them. He kept pestering me and eventually to shut him up I asked what they looked like. One had blonde hair and the other black so I said I would meet the one with black hair. Gordon came back telling me the time and place, and I promptly forgot, as I had no intention of turning up.

Several days later, my friend Lesley had come over for a ‘girlie’ evening, suddenly my Dad yelled upstairs, “Julia, get down here now!”

Two men were standing in our kitchen, and the one called Sergeant Stone asked me if I was supposed to be meeting someone that evening. I remembered Gordon and said I couldn’t remember what night it was supposed to be as I wasn’t intending going. I got a lecture on strangers and not arranging meetings with people I didn’t know. He said they had picked up this person loitering outside our house, and they thought he might be the one who had been attacking women on the estate. My Dad went ‘mad’ at me and I was grounded for a month. We had just started the Easter holidays so it was two weeks before I saw Gordon and gave him a telling off. I was stunned when he told me what had happened to Dennis. Apparently, he turned up to meet me and waited, sitting on the road sign at the corner of our house. A neighbour spotted him and called the police who sent a pair of officers to walk past him a couple of times, then the vehicle arrived and he was unceremoniously bundled into the back of a police van and taken to the Police Station for questioning. They went over the details about meeting me many times, but eventually, with his story confirmed, they let him go. His Mum was furious and went down to the Police Station to complain. It was many years before I shared that I was the girl.

I felt awful when Gordon told me all this, and was amazed when he said Dennis still wanted to go out with me. This time I insisted he ask me himself, and we met on the stairs leading up to the Library. He asked me, and we arranged a day and time, it was then we heard the clapping. All his mates were standing on the balcony above us listening.

That was the beginning of our life journey together. There has never been a dull moment.

Life changed dramatically for us when Mum and Dad bought a bungalow, less than a year after we met.

I was seventeen when I became a nursing Cadet at the Dorothy Whitely School of Nursing in Mansfield, and as a resident in the Nursing home, seeing Dennis was difficult. Daily phone calls and our weekends were possible until I began my State Registered Nurse training. Time with Dennis was precious.

In Sheffield Mum, Nan and Grandad were members of a church, but Mum never went again after she married Dad. When I was very young she gave me a Bible and would tell me about Jesus. I read my Bible and learned 1Corinthians chapter13 by heart. I never doubted Jesus was always with me. I talked to Him regularly, but it was in my first month, on my first ward as a student nurse, that I fully comprehended Him as a living and wonderful friend.

Mr. Davey was a man in his thirties, with a wife and two sons. He was dying.

As a ‘green’, straight out of introductory block nurse I was completely unprepared for the emotional rollercoaster I was about to board. The Staff Nurse gave me the job of caring for Mr. Davey, spending time with him, making sure he was comfortable. This went on for over a week and when I returned from my day off the ward report said he was deteriorating fast. His wife had been called and until she arrived I went to sit with him.

Mr. Davey had spoken to me about his faith before, his love for Jesus, and now he began to share his excitement, knowing he was going to be with Jesus forever. He described a place he could see that was beautiful, with a perfume so deliciously different to anything he had ever smelled before. Everywhere there was a glow, a beautiful light, illuminating the exquisite plants and flowers.  There was a figure and he knew this was Jesus, but he was waiting for his wife to arrive before he made the final step into His waiting arms. He then described what was happening to his wife, the car had broken down as she was going to pick up the boys and she would be sometime before she got to the hospital.

I was crying, so were the men in nearby beds, they could hear what he was telling me.

Eventually Mrs. Davey came through the curtains, what he told us had actually happened.  As I got up to leave them he reached over, putting his hand on my face, and told me that God would bless me all the days of my life. He died peacefully, holding his wife’s hand.

Jesus is real, Jesus is alive.

Three years later I worked on a Cardiac Unit. A patient had a cardiac arrest and I was part of the ‘crash’ team. We resuscitated him and he called me to speak to me. He described in detail what had happened to him, plus the nurses and the Doctor who were present. It was incredible because I had seen him flat on his back, not breathing, without a heartbeat, and his eyes closed. I was shocked because there was no way he could have known. He said he had been looking down on himself and us, and was fighting to stop himself going through a black wall. He knew if he went through he would not get back, and he was terrified of the other side. I thought about this for a long time after he had another cardiac arrest and died, but I did not make a link with Mr. Davey until many years later. I had not realised that Jesus showed me the difference in a death of assurance through faith in Him, and a death without Him. I also understand now about seeing with spirit eyes, how Mr. Davey could see his wife.

There were many experiences involving death, and my faith increased each time I saw how peacefully people who knew and loved Jesus left this earth. One blessed Christian lady in her eighties announced as she sat knitting that she would die at ten o clock, Jesus was coming. We made the suitable platitudes, thinking she had lost the ‘plot’. She calmly sat knitting and then she suddenly burst into ‘And did those Feet in Ancient Times”, her voice was clear and sweet. She reached the end and we all smiled at each other and got on with our jobs. A buzzer sounded and as we responded we saw that the patient in the next bed had her hands to her face. Jesus had indeed come to take his daughter home, right on time. Death does not make me fearful because I know Jesus is waiting for me.

Looking back over my life I recognise times when only angelic hands saved me, and Dennis.   We had an accident with a fence and two stakes came through the car. One came through the steering wheel, stopping centimetres away from Dennis’s chest, the other through the floor between my feet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Again, in a car, we rounded a bend to face another vehicle speeding towards us on the wrong side of the road. Afterwards we both said we had resigned ourselves in a split second to a head on collision. It didn’t happen, although bumpers were touching, we did not crash.                           Heading up the motorway, a bang was followed with chunks of metal and oil flying past the window as we veered from the fast lane, thankfully over two clear lanes, onto the hard shoulder. The engine had exploded!

Another time, on the motorway again, Dennis had a front tyre blow out in the fast lane, traffic was heavy but the car slid into the side and halted without hitting anything.

He is with us, and has been with us, throughout our lives.