This is a record of the true testimony of my life, touched by the only living God,  Jesus Christ.

Jesus is enough. With Jesus as Lord of our lives we can be content in any circumstance. Jesus says….When you desire Me with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength, I fill up all other needs in your life. I give to you so that you may share with others. As you empty yourself, I fill you to overflowing with My Holy Spirit….. “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” 2Corinthians 12:9


My God is a wonderful, powerful and healing God. My testimony is to God’s Glory. He healed me from osteo, rheumatoid arthritis and osteo porosis. I am still registered disabled for life, there is no cure for these conditions.

I had deteriorated to the point of being unable to walk unaided, and the pain was so bad I was on a morphine based drug and steroids. Jesus blessed me with a wonderful peace about my situation, and although all my other joints were a mess I could still use my hands. In August 1997 the disease overtook them, fingers and thumbs were swollen and very painful. I was devastated, my peace left me and I felt there was nothing to live for. I prayed to be taken home to be with the Lord.

I was admitted to hospital for a steroid drip, but the specialist said there was little he could do. God led a Christian supply nurse to the hospital, she had never worked there before, she lived so far away, but on this occasion she felt led by God to accept when they telephoned. She sat with me and we talked about our faith. I was uplifted, and through my precious Saviour Jesus Christ my peace was restored and I was spiritually healed by Him. Jesus had poured His love and peace back into my spirit and I knew no matter what the future held, I could cope, because of, and with, Jesus. The following night Jesus healed me physically. I woke in the morning knowing I felt different but not realising why. Suddenly I understood, for the first time in twenty years every pain in my body was gone. All evidence of disease had vanished, I looked different, the ‘moon face’ caused by steroids and all deformity and swelling was gone. I could move every part of my body like an athlete.

The consultant and the nurses were shocked. I had been completely healed, and they admitted, nothing in their treatment could heal me. Praise the Lord.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Gone are the deformities and swelling, no more pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs, no more disability. I was in amazing health, I looked and felt twenty years younger.

There were real problems trying to stop the disability benefit, because the adjudicators said my conditions are not curable. They don’t know my Jesus. They are adamant my benefits are for life. Eventually they decided to humour me, saying that when I decide I need the benefits again I should let them know.

Dennis and I remember our lives before my healing. It keeps us focused on how much the Lord Jesus Christ has blessed us. Dennis was burdened with the responsibility of a full time job and also looking after me.

Having trained as a nurse and then as a teacher I had been used to a busy life.  Once Adrian was at school I took up my career in teaching and I was interviewed for Head teacher before the specialist gently suggested that I really needed a less physically demanding job, or to consider early retirement.  I refused to give in and moved into Further Education, lecturing and also leading the Early Years Team. A fall put an end to my career, and I was forced into early retirement, becoming registered disabled for the rest of my life.  Even then Jesus was working a miracle within me, He gave me such peace about my situation, and I wrote two Christian books and many Christian Poems. I felt really blessed. Dennis and I went to church and we prayed and studied the Bible, BUT, neither of us ever considered that Jesus could and would heal me. It wasn’t that we didn’t think He could, it was just a whole area of Jesus and His work in the church today that we sadly failed to have teaching on.

We faced a hard future, I needed help for the simplest actions, and getting dressed was an arduous task. Going anywhere was problematic because Dennis had to make sure places were accessible, so I didn’t have to walk. I hated using walking-sticks, but, after several falls I had no choice. One of my low points came when the specialist looked at me with pitying eyes and said “You poor old thing.” I was only in my forties, supposedly the prime of my life.

In 1998 I met this same specialist, who also examined me the morning I was healed, he is still marvelling at the miracle. To quote from a letter he wrote to me, “There are more things in heaven and on earth than we know or understand.”

The Lord provided us with some wonderful teaching once I was healed, and we now understand the miraculous works the Lord can do, and Praise God we are privileged to pray for people, being used ourselves by God. Just after my miracle a dear sister in Christ asked if I would like accompany her to London for a week of meetings about healing. Feeling really excited I prepared to go with her. The day before we were due to leave I went out into the garden to feed the birds. It was as though someone put out a foot and caused me to fall and it was a bad one, I ended up in hospital. Thankfully nothing was broken, but after only a couple of weeks of vitality and health here I was yet again in pain, bruised and hurting. I felt angry, and a thought popped into my mind, ‘was I really healed?’ My friend appeared the following day even though I had said I was not going with her. She refused to accept this and in the end I capitulated, joining her in the car. The journey was made unpleasant by my attitude of petulance and anger at the bruising, pain, crutch and splint. I feel quite ashamed of myself as I remember this part of my testimony. We arrived at the Salvation Army Hostel with only a half an hour turn around before leaving our room to catch a tube to the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster. I complained and moaned throughout the lengthy journey, and could not enter properly into worship because I was so full of discord. Bishop Samuel spoke about healing and how we need to use Gods Word to maintain our health and well being, how the enemy seeks to make us believe we are not healed. I felt his words touching me deeply, as if he was speaking just to me. I declined the call for prayer and sitting grumpily beside my friend on the tube back across London I said I would be going home as soon as Dennis could fetch me.                                                               Another arduous journey found me back at the Centre. I saw my friend speaking to the Bishop. He told her that a friend invited him to stay in his penthouse, and the Lord told him to give us the key to the guest house across the road from the Emmanuel Centre where he and his companion had rooms. I was amazed. Again Samuel spoke about the power of speaking out in Jesus name, and using His Word.

The Lord will use anointed ministers of His Word to be channels. The Holy Spirit is a Gentleman because He never forces Himself on anyone, so if we make a choice to go forward for prayer we invite Him, this is how I first experienced the slaying of my physical flesh and senses. I stood at the front with many others, I did not expect the power that flowed from the Bishops fingers, like electricity. Suddenly there was a wonderful release of my physical control, I fell into the arms of the Lord and He ministered to me. I received a personal living touch from Jesus that over-rode my physical limitations, and now understand how they get in the way, they want to stay in control. This was being ‘in the Spirit’, my spirit and the Holy Spirit merging, so I could be taught, blessed, renewed, perhaps given some incredible revelation, and a wonderful infilling of total peace and joy like nothing I had ever experienced before. I was covered with bruises all down one side of my body and my hand was in a splint, but after this time with the Lord all my pain was gone. Bishop Samuel had prayed the Lord’s blessing over me and then he moved to the next person. All I have written happened between me and the Lord. I remained on the floor for almost twenty minutes. No other human being was involved.

Bishop Samuel, and indeed the other ministers, both men and women, that the Lord has used to bless me in this way, never ever claim to be the power. They know they are being used as privileged channels by the Holy Spirit. It is indeed a privilege when the Lord uses one of His servants to be a channel. It has happened to me, I know.

We went back to the Hostel praising the Lord that the pain was gone. After loading the car, we journeyed back, and drove around for an hour realising how difficult and expensive it would be to park in Westminster. Spotting a lay – by we decided to park and pray. Minutes later a traffic warden knocked on the window telling us to move on. She noticed the splint and crutch. Nodding to them she said because I was disabled we could park there for nothing and she would make sure the car was safe. What a miracle.

The rooms were lovely and the house was across the road from the Centre. I closed my bedroom door and praised God for His goodness. This was lifted into ecstatic worship when I discovered that every bruise was gone from my side and leg. Eventually my head nestled into a soft pillow and I prepared to sleep. In that place between waking and slumber a heavy weight came down on top of the length of my body. Gasping I could feel pain in my hip and the old arthritic aches seeping into my bones. The Bishops words resounded in my mind, and I spoke out loud with authority, “In the name of Jesus get out!” Repeating the words I felt the heaviness lift. It was sucked out of the room.

A month after this, at home, the enemy tried again to steal my healing. The Lord woke me up and simply told me to learn Psalm 91. I did not accept this easily because Psalm 91 has many verses. The thought would not go away so eventually I got into the car with my Bible and drove to a quiet spot on the moor and began to commit the words to memory. When Dennis got home from work and asked me what I had been doing I told him I had learned Psalm 91 and recited it for him. I went to bed that night still feeling puzzled but pleased I knew the Psalm. A cold shiver ran up my arm and I found myself aware that something was next to the bed, but I could not move. Dennis was asleep and as the cold ran over my body familiar aches and pains erupted in my joints. I heard my voice, the words were shaky, “In the name of Jesus get out.” Nothing happened but I could feel sharp stabbing knives prodding my hips and knees. Again the command, but still the presence was beside me. Psalm 91 rose up into my mind and I began to repeat line after line from memory. A rush of cold air evaporated whatever had been in the room, and as the precious words continued all pain and discomfort lifted.

After my initial experience of love, and intimate time with the Lord, at certain anointed meetings I would get prompting to go forward for prayer, and each time, as my physical senses were    over-ridden, the Holy Spirit did wonderful spiritual surgery and repair, whilst also pouring into me such amazing and awesome love. During this time, unknown to them, the Lord used these anointed ministers to reveal aspects of the flesh problem – including pride and scepticism, but my Jesus loves me so much He gently revealed, through scriptures, Paul and John, rendered unable to move, or prone on the ground. I began to understand for the first time the application of crucifying flesh daily. I am still on this steep learning – curve, I still have so much to learn. Sadly there are brothers and sisters who have problems accepting the Holy Spirit may not work in ways we expect. If they would open up to Him, the reassurance, love and peace would leave them in no doubt whatsoever that Holy Spirit is awesome. He wants to touch us, not just in the small way our minds allow, but by powering through our ‘binding’ flesh, until He indeed touches us Spirit to spirit.

There was one occasion when the Lord wanted to impart an anointing through a minister who had already received this particular anointing himself. It was for Dennis and me as a couple. Several months earlier a friend was over for Sunday lunch and she spoke about a church in Bridport who had advertised a speaker she had never heard of, but she had been told it would be good to go. I made a note on our calendar, then promptly forgot all about it until I read it the day before. I felt such an urgent prompting from the Holy Spirit to go, so we placed ourselves in His hands and drove to Bridport not even knowing the denomination, street or name of the church. We asked Holy Spirit to guide us, and as we drove into Bridport, a place neither of us had ever been before, we began to understand how humanly impossible our task was.                                  Suddenly Holy Spirit prompted, we stopped the car and I got out. Nothing. Then a man in jeans and t-shirt carrying a board walked out from between some buildings, I was urged to go and ask him. “We are here for a meeting at a church, we don’t know which one but they have a guest speaker…” the man laughed and interrupted me, waving his board. On it was a notice about the meeting and an arrow, the church was tucked away, out of sight, behind the shops. He was the Pastor of the church. The meeting was good and when the speaker completed his message he said he was there just to pray for the sick. I WAS SHOCKED. Why then were we here? I was healed, we were both fit and healthy. We didn’t leave, waiting until he had prayed for everyone and then went and told him our story. He was very reluctant to pray for us but eventually agreed. Dennis and I held hands. He began to pray a blessing then suddenly Holy Spirit power came and as our physical control departed we both fell to the ground. Our spirits soared, God was using the speaker to prophesy over us. It was awesome, and the most amazing anointing was passed into us. It was an incredible experience. Holy Spirit filled, flowed and worked through our prone bodies ministering to our spirits and imparting the force of resurrection power that had been given to the speaker. There are no words adequate enough to describe what we experienced.

The Biblical revelations the Lord gave to me confirming this wonderful time of “touching” and intimate communion with Holy Spirit……..

The Lord caused Peter to fall into a trance on Simon’s roof Acts 10:10 and Paul to fall into a trance while praying in the temple Acts 22:17 John fell like a dead man at the feet of the Lord Jesus in Revelation 1:17

In Acts 2:13-15 many thought the 120 were drunk…. When people are actually drunk they can be observed to lose the ability to control their physical bodies.

Joel 2:28  Malachi 3:10

Acts 2:17  “`In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

We are so eager to share this wonderful news about Jesus. We know He can heal, we know He can change lives, we know how much He loves us all.

Praise the Lord, my soul! All my being, praise His holy name! He forgives all my sins & heals all my diseases. He keeps me from the grave & blesses me with love & mercy. He fills my life with good things, So that I stay young & strong like an eagle.” Psalm 103:1-5

In 1997 Dennis & I went to Israel twice. The first time was before my healing. The trip was difficult & restricting because of steps, hills, & the need to walk. Dennis became my eyes, describing what I couldn’t see. Three months after my healing we arrived in Israel again. This time with Bible Land Mission, & I praised the Lord as I climbed Masada & went to see for myself the many places I had been unable to get to because I couldn’t walk. Every step of that journey in the Bible Lands was a step for Jesus. A video of our miracle was made during this trip, & it was released in Hong Kong, Singapore & China.

We have travelled extensively since then sharing our testimony, & I have the pleasure of being able to go on long walks, not having to worry about pain, swelling, or the risk of falling. I can run up & down stairs easily, & the Lord has provided me with an abundance of energy to use for His glory.

Pleasures many people take for granted, have now been regained, but we don’t get complacent, we praise God and thank Him for all He has done & is continuing to do in our lives. People who meet me now have great difficulty in imagining the feeble old lady I had become. Dennis & I don’t forget, each time we see someone suffering it’s a reminder.

After my miraculous healing in 1997 the Lord told me He would restore my eyesight. I was unable to even read the largest letter on the eye test chart, with either eye. I had worn glasses since the age of eight.

As time progressed I waited, my Jesus is a God of miracles so I had no doubts, but nothing seemed to be happening. Eventually I asked the Lord, “Why are my eyes still not healed?”  He told me that I needed to learn to use my spiritual eyes, and then my physical eyes would fall into line and be healed. I prayed a simple prayer asking Holy Spirit to help me use my spirit eyes. The teaching had to come from God, I couldn’t learn it from a text book! The first time I realized that something unusual was happening was at three o’clock in the morning when I woke up, instantly wide awake knowing that I must get up. I walked from the bedroom to the lounge and sat down, feeling the familiar heat of Holy Spirit, and I saw clearly a picture forming in my mind, and then once I found paper and pen I began to write. These experiences which still continue today, allow me to see pictures and receive interpretations for our ministry, Churches, Nations, areas, people, and our own lives. Receiving Spirit Eye pictures is not an experience that is easily described, they are very distinct, very different from anything I have ever experienced before, and when I look back and read what I have written I know the words can only be from God. I would never be able to write such truths, or with simple pictorial illustration give such profound revelations.                                                                                                                                                                    Because Holy Spirit, who lives in me, also lives in every other Spirit filled, born again believer, I get to have these “spirit eye” revelations confirmed by others. I will give one of many examples I could give, but this one was publicly proved beyond any doubt, as the amazing Word of God. The Lord gave me a picture of a map and then a ‘Word’ about setting up 24 hour prayer, linking with other churches and having prayer walls. I went to a local united church meeting and brought this word, giving copies to all the local churches. Dennis and I then left to go on holiday to Spain. In Spain we attend a local church, and at the first Sunday meeting of our holiday a gentleman from Leicester, in England, was telling the church about a ‘Word’ he had been given by the Lord. I got very excited because it was about the 24 hour prayer, the wall, and the uniting of churches. I had a dated copy of all the Holy Spirit had shown me, and after the service we compared our papers. Different people, in different parts of the country, same ‘Word’. It was incredible! What a powerful confirmation and faith builder that was, for both of us. My spirit eyes were open.