August 29th 2011—November 2019                                         


August 31st 1997—After 20 yrs of pain, the Lord Jesus performed a miracle and healed me completely whilst in hospital on a steroid drip. To this day I am cured, with no more crippling arthritis or osteoporosis…...In the seven years that followed YOYO was ‘birthed’, a Christian registered charity, working, witnessing, training and encouraging youngsters and youth from 5yrs to 18+.  There are incredible testimonies showing the goodness and awesome power of God, recorded for God’s Glory, in the Testimony Pages. There is also a booklet recording the numerous miraculous events of the seven years, including family miracles, further healing and protection, plus the awesome opportunities presented by the Lord to travel worldwide, to many churches and meetings here in the U.K., giving testimony, being videoed and interviewed. He is an awesome God.

7 yrs later, to the day, in August 2004—at a Christian Event, a stand collapsed and injured my ribs. In September 2004 our son had a brain haemorrhage, and in the October brain surgery. A few weeks later, the hot tank burst in the loft, I had kitchen ceiling and very hot water landing on me. The Lord provided miraculous protection from debris and the electricity flashing from wall sockets. Living through the years after the Craniotomy, our son tried to pull his life back, but the continual seizures caused injury and inability to work, so he eventually came home to live with us. Miraculously he is now seizure free and has set up a business and a charity. (see LINKS- Human Kindness & S.O.W.) In this seven year period I had a cataract op on both eyes, my Dad died, and my sister was given a donor kidney. Workmen for 6 wks doing subsidence repair, living in one room through the coldest winter, with very bad snow. This was made worse when I was rushed into hospital with a perforated appendix. I collapsed after the surgery, and within twelve hours was back in theatre again for a second operation. During this time in hospital I was miserable, sorry for myself, and made it even harder because I forgot who I am in Jesus, to trust Him, and hand it all over to Him. Not a good time!


August 29th 2011 was the 14th anniversary of my admission to hospital with the disabling arthritis, and my miracle healing, waking up on 31st August 1997, completely healed. 14 years later, to the day, I was admitted to hospital with Atrial Fibrillation and Tachycardia. After 4 weeks in hospital the medication failed to control my heart, so in the October I had a Cardioversion to ’jump start’ and re set my heart rhythm. By January 2012 I was back in hospital for nearly two weeks with same symptoms, resulting in another Cardioversion. By May the symptoms had returned again, resulting in two procedures on my heart whilst under general anaesthetic in October 2012.


Hospital time has been blessed with opportunities to reach out to other patients, nurses, technicians, ward managers, visitors and other Christians. Prayer, has changed the atmosphere on wards. I met a Christian who shared the praying. With a gap in our age of almost forty years, we still felt a lift in our spirits when we met. The testimonies are incredible, especially how the Lord used us to pray through and change several very bad situations. There were some negative staff, some rudeness and lack of caring, and one nurse nearing retirement told everyone she hated her job. I prayed through many situations, and an atmosphere of calm would always prevail. There are many too many incidents to share here.

The aim of this testimony is to encourage and show the peace and hope the Lord Jesus gives, when we put our trust only in Him. We neither know or understand, why sometimes He chooses to heal miraculously, and at other times uses skills He gives to the Doctors. What I do know, is that unless I go through trying times I have no encouraging testimony for reaching out. When followers of Jesus turn experience into testimony, we become encouragers, with undeniable empathy and understanding for hurting people. Within the testimony is the answer, also evident within us, and in the way we conduct our lives. Jesus can be seen to give the strength to cope.

I can honestly say that I am very grateful for this recent time in my life. It has provided awesome testimonies, and the enforced, confined, slowing down, has allowed me to let the Lord re kindle my desire to paint. Through His direction, two exhibitions have been created. (see LINKS- Hope Art)

The Lord never tests us more than we can bear, so for all fifteen years, my faith has increased so much. I am learning to trust the Lord completely despite circumstances. I am aware that He is glorified every precious day, through His creation all around, and through our lives. When we give God everything, He brings us peace and a supernatural joy, which takes every fear, question and doubt, from troubled, worried minds. Our human nature make us slide back and forth, but I can testify that as we practice keeping in His presence, the time scale for drifting into worry and back into peace gets shorter, and times of peace become longer than times of worry.

Being a follower of Jesus there are incidents, opportunities, and life events, causing every moment to be linked with His plan and purpose for my life. Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year, given to me by the Lord, is a chance to share Him, in words, and through the fabric of how I live. I am learning to sing songs at midnight, no matter what the circumstances are. He continues to bless me with His love, joy and a peace that passes all understanding. Glory to God! 

2019.... It has been some time since I updated this testimony. So much has happened. 

We have become a ‘House of Prayer’ and Sanctuary. 

The Lord has guided and worked many miracles and we are so blessed. 

We celebrated 22years of healing on August 29th and are giving God the glory for every one of those years.