Issy’s ‘take’ on life is simple and refreshing. Issy loves everyone. She refuses to see any bad characteristics in family, friends, and other people. To the world this should make her vulnerable, in fact, it gives her incredible strength. There is a lot of rubbish in human relationships, jealousy, fear, anger, resentment, irritation, disapproval etc. and the ability to rise above those time consuming thoughts and feelings always empowers.

Not everyone appreciated this quality found in Issy, and her refusal to respond to verbal or physical attack infuriated Mel.

“Oh Mel I do love you. I’m really sorry you’re so upset. I’m sorry if I’ve made you cross.”

Issy always smiled, and Mel would be seething, and frustrated. Her one goal in life was to make Issy respond with anger, to lash out.  It was no fun otherwise. There was no point.



I can’t remember a time without the dream, a time when the wonderful figure in the dream had not been part of me. He was always there in my mind, and if I close my eyes’ I can  feel His breath on my face. His presence is a comfort, I never feel alone, and I know, with Him, everything is possible. Not even Mel, in full throes of anger, could penetrate His insulation.

When I was five years old, my dream of Him was amazing. There was an accident, rendering me unconscious, and I was in hospital for over a week. Throughout this time He was with me, He was my whole world. He took hold of my hand, and we paddled in some water, I was wearing red Wellington boots. We watched some baby ducks swimming, a Kingfisher diving and a deer grazing. He lifted me into His arms, and we soared high above fields and forests. He remained with me, until He urged me into opening my eyes, and I saw Mum and Dad sitting next to the bed. They were both crying. From that time I didn’t feel afraid, nothing could harm me, He was there watching, waiting, guiding and helping. He is so beautiful.

I knew about miracles, Mum was our living evidence and I lived in their atmosphere every day.

I longed to be with Jesus all the time.

Joseph understood, he felt like that when he stood on the top rung of his dream ladder, he wanted more than anything to be with the figure waiting for him. “
Joseph and I were ten, when we experienced the invisible for the first time. Something truly incredible happened.

Both of us were tired after playing football behind our house so we decided to go to our favourite spot overlooking the old stone quarry. Part of the workings had long ago filled with rain causing it to transform into a wildlife haven. Beyond a thicket of blackberries and hawthorn, we had found a place where we could view the entire area of water. This was somewhere special that no one else seemed to know about it.

“Wow! Just look at the buzzards”, Joseph pointed excitedly at the two birds dipping, diving, and then appearing to float in the air motionless. The pair seemed to be dancing in the expanse of blue sky overhead.

Lying on our backs we looked up at them until eventually the aerobatics spiralled them out of sight.

Maybe we fell asleep………maybe….

I was flying upwards, the sensation was exciting. I found myself on an island surrounded by crystal water teeming with shoals of shimmering tiny ovals of golden light. I looked beyond the island and saw a bank lined with beautiful trees, heavily laden with fruit. There were people sitting under the trees, then I realized there were also people in the water, some were laughing and waving, others were moving purposefully through the water, smiling.

“Issy, Issy.” I lifted my head and saw a figure waving and shouting. It was Joseph!

Without a second thought I slipped into the water, I made for some stepping stones leading to the bank, Joseph was waiting. He held out some fruit, it was like no other fruit I had ever seen. Biting into the soft flesh, juice ran down my hand.

“Oooh, yummy!”  I swallowed the last mouthful and sighed.

“Never tasted anythin’ like this before ‘av you Issy?”

We spent some time picking and eating, trying all the different types, shapes, colours and even when we thought we had tried them all one of us would spot a new variety.

“Can’t eat another mouthful.”  I patted my stomach.

Joseph grinned.

“Where are we?”

I glanced around.

“I’ve no idea Joseph, but its brill’!”

We stared at the people. No one said, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Looking out over the vast river, there was no beginning or end. Islands dotted the water, some on the edge, some right in the middle. The islands close to the edge had stepping stones leading to the bank and people were climbing onto them. Some people waded into the water going ankle deep, knee deep then up to their waists. Some began swimming, others clambered onto the islands.

The sky, the light around was awesome. We couldn’t see the sun or where the light was coming from. “Where are we?”

Then I felt hard ground under my body. I opened my eyes and blinked as the sun disappeared behind a fluffy white cloud.

“You awake Issy?” I just had a mega dream”

“So did I. You go first, but mine’s incredible!” I rolled over onto my side to look at Joseph. When Joseph began to describe his ‘dream’ I shot upright.

I interrupted Joseph mid sentence. “The river, it was crystal clear an’ it had things in it like oval lights, ‘n there were trees with fruit.”

Joseph’s mouth was hanging open. “You were sat on an island in the river, I shouted you an’ you came and we ate lots of fruit.”

“I wasn’t frightened, it was a great place. Only time I had a bad feeling was when I seemed to be dropping, I caught a glimpse of something green. I didn’t like that.” I remember shuddering at the recollection.

“It was real Issy! It must’ve been. You don’t share dreams with other people when you’re asleep.”

This experience took up the whole summer, like a great light putting everything else into shadow.

It was the main topic of conversation and our own amazing secret. Meeting every day, we would go to our hidden place, trying to repeat what happened.


My name is Sar Iyer. I am responsible for directing operations, keeping the Iyer fully deployed at the river and on earth. I monitor and listen to the billions of Shamir who guard their human on earth. I answer only to BARA, ‘The Boss’. I have authority when directed to deploy Tsaba, our fearless warriors, releasing them onto the ethereal highway and even passing them into earths dimension if required. I have occasionally been asked to direct one of the four Malak to a specific location when ‘The Boss’ has a message to be delivered to a human. My brief also includes assigning the Luminar, who have skills and gifts attuned to the human mind and all living things on earth.


Beginning of the Watches OVERSEERS-NATSAR Iyer & SHAMUR Iyer

Middle (night) Watch OVERSEERS-SHIMUR Iyer & ASHMORETH Iyer

Morning Watch OVERSEERS-SHOMRAH Iyer & ERAN Iyer



Beginning of the Watches… OVERSEERS…. NATSAR Iyer   SHAMUR Iyer

Eyes are opening. The invisible is becoming visible to certain eyes, eyes that are normally shackled into time. Time on earth is thinning. The evidence is being gathered, we, the Iyer are watching more of those trapped in time, break free. Today Joseph and Issy ate some of our fruit and Issy swam in our river. They journeyed together…..

(Excitement tempered with caution resonated throughout the unseen realm.

The Iyer, Malak and Luminar were “buzzing”.

The next four years were priceless gems of spiritual growth for Issy and Joseph.


2002 was a milestone year for me. I went up to the ‘Comp.’ in September. After being so excited and eager it was like a massive bucket of water being thrown, almost drowning me. The troubles began during the last year of Primary school, with the Head Teacher, a stocky man who seemed to hate kids like me who found numbers hard to understand.  He loved to come into the classroom, and after our teacher left, test us with ten mental arithmetic questions. If you got below five correct he made us make two fists and then with a ruler he would hit our knuckles so hard it made you cry. Every single school day from September through to July, with Ian Muggeridge, I got the ruler. Joseph and the rest of our friends tried to help us. We all learned sign language, and they attempted to give us some right answers but it never worked because Ian and myself were so terrified. This bully of a man caused us to break out into a sweat as he arrived, and we were jabbering wrecks until the ruler had been meted out and the door closed behind him.

Ian was the first to ‘cave in’. The test was horrendous as usual and I looked through a mist of fear at my big fat zero. I could hear Ian fidgeting behind me. The only thing that ever varied on these mornings was who got the ruler first. If he walked up from the back it was Ian and if he walked down from the front it was me. I could hear the footsteps behind me. Suddenly Ian leaped out of his chair, knocking it over, screaming, “I can’t stand it anymore.” And before anyone could move he rushed hysterically from the room.

Everyone froze.

I sensed the big man behind me. He thrashed the desk, everyone jumped. Then again, and on the fourth strike the ruler splintered and part of it clattered to the floor. He was still holding the other part when he came level with me and prodded my paper. I held out my fists, and as often happened when I instinctively pulled them back, I got the punishment twice.

It was break time when Ian, with his Mum, walked through the school gates.  Mr. Beacon came out all smiles and was so charming to Mrs. Muggeridge. She let Ian go with him, thinking he was in safe responsible hands.

We filed into our classroom to find the head teacher at the front with Ian. Mr. Douglas, our class teacher was nowhere to be seen. Ian was a gibbering mess. His hands were tucked deep into his armpits, offering some moderate comfort for the searing pain left by the ruler.

“I am going to make an example of this miserable boy. His disobedience and outrageous behaviour must be held up to you all, so you can see the consequences of such actions.”

Roughly turning Ian to face the board he swung his thin cane through the air. It made a hissing sound as Ian’s backside received the full force over and over again.

We all sat dumbly watching, everyone wincing with each stroke. Everyone oh so thankful it wasn’t them.  As usual we were instructed to say nothing or we would get an even worse punishment.

No one ever spoke about the incident again.

Several months later both of us were still getting the ruler every school morning. I was terrified to say anything to my Mum or Dad so I resorted to talcum powder on my face and even making myself vomit to try and avoid going to school. On the morning I told Joseph I had thrown myself downstairs hoping I would break a leg, he sent me a note to meet him at lunch time on the field.

“I ‘reccon’ I’ve got the answer Issy. I went to take my Dad and Eric some sandwiches and a flask. They were fishing on the canal. Anyway I noticed this barn where we could hide out for a while. If we run away and leave notes for our parents, and the other kids in our class help us, I think we might be able to get something done and stop you and Ian getting hit all the time. Let’s meet up after school.”

A week later everything was ready. Joseph and I left carefully worded notes informing our parents of the daily caning and the fact that I couldn’t stand it any longer. The decision to run away and leave notes was because Mr. Beacon had told us we mustn’t say anything to anyone, in our minds writing didn’t count. We needed to be safe and out of the way so something could be done.

With our bags full of tinned food, toothbrushes and toothpaste, we set off towards the canal.

It was cold, it was windy, and when it started to rain I began to wish we hadn’t started this.

“Come on Issy. Not far now. Look I can see the barn.”

I lifted my dripping wet head and my stomach flipped over.

“Joseph the barn is on the other side of the canal. How are we going to get over there?”

Joseph flopped down onto the soaking grass and pulled his rucksack towards him. I was hoping he would pull out a dinghy, but instead a can of beans emerged, and he asked,

“Pass the tin opener Issy.”

“I thought you packed it.”

We rapidly ascertained that not only had we failed to find a dry place to sleep we had also packed loads of tins with no opener to get at the food.

I began to cry.

“Come on Issy it’s not that bad. Should we go home and hope no one has found our notes?”

I nodded.

My note was still behind the clock where I left it. With relief I disposed of the evidence quickly.

The knock at the door came as I stepped out of the shower, so wrapped in my dressing gown, with a towel round my head I responded to the call from Dad to come downstairs. Sitting in the lounge was Joseph and his Mum.

I paled visibly when I noticed the crumpled note in her hand.

“I’m sorry Issy, I didn’t get back in time.”

Fear made me feel sick as we waited with our Mum’s to see the Head Teacher. Mr. Beacon was all smiles and full of assurances and words like “a big misunderstanding”. My fear was catapulted into full blown terror as I heard Mum saying thank you and she was sure there would be no more problems.

After assembly he came marching into the classroom holding the dreaded cane and the ruler. I glanced at Joseph   who swallowed and winced.

“Get out here!” the cane pointed.

We slowly left our seats and began the walk up to the front.

The cane slammed onto a desk.

“Get a move on!”

We jumped forward and stood before him, both of us were trembling.

“I’m surprised at you,” he said, poking Joseph with the ruler, “I thought you would have more sense than to get involved with such a stupid prank. Makes no difference to me, same rules apply. Tell your friends how stupid you are.”  He pushed me in the back.

“We ran away.”

He then made a huge joke of our failed escape and ridiculed and humiliated us in front of everyone, then, we got the cane.

Tabbach and Shimrath Shamir could only watch. Issy eventually managed to say “Help me” through her sobs, and in a swift movement Tabbach Shamir snapped the cane and the beating stopped.

Despite the circumstances at school I felt quite peaceful.

It was around this time I started to get more dreams. Not just the one about the hands holding me, but vivid snapshots from life. Sometimes simple and short, others were more complex and involved. Two dreams changed everything for me, and also for Joseph when I shared with him, because they helped us to let go of all the negative things in our lives. In the first dream I saw a gate, with my friend, the One who held me in His hands, standing on the other side. A figure, it was me, staggered under the weight of the many bags I carried. The carrier bags had written on them… tiredness, sickness, discouragement, sadness, anger, fear and worry. As I reach the gate I put down the bags to open it, and then tried to wedge it open so I could pick up the bags. I can’t get through to my friend, there are too many bags. The second dream is the same. I am carrying the same baggage, but this time I put down the bags, open the gate and move all the way through until I am beside Him. He closes the gate behind me, leaving the baggage on the other side.  I understand this is what I must do with all my bad feelings and emotions, and move forward, not going back to pick up more bags.

Ruach worked inside Issy and Joseph, He was their comfort, no matter what the situation. He was getting through to them, with His peace. He revealed truths from the dreams, brought by the Malak. They would recall pictures and situations and He would gently place into their minds an interpretation, and how to apply it to their own lives.

Getting to the Comprehensive would enable me to leave these terrible memories behind, so I enjoyed the summer holidays. Staying with my Grandparents was always a joy, Gramps would take me shopping. We always walked there and caught the bus back. Our walks were interesting because we looked for bird’s nests and picked flowers for Nan. Gramps bought me a new pencil case, ready for September, and each time we went into town he would get me something to put in it.

Anticipation and expectation are great but it’s awful when you are disappointed.

My first day was fine. Everyone was nervous. The playgrounds were separate for boys and girls so I didn’t get to see Joseph out of the classroom. We were in the same classes, except for Maths, I was put in the bottom set.

After school I got changed quickly out of uniform and went to call for Joseph.

We went to a cafe and ordered milk shakes. Joseph left me to make my own way home, he had some errands to do for his Mum.

I was only one street away from my house when I heard some sniggering and funny noises behind me.

Recognising Mel’s voice I turned around. “Hiya Mel.”

Mel pulled a face at me. She was arm in arm with two girls from school. They were in the year below Mel. I felt surprised. Mel was in the sixth form now and usually wouldn’t mix with anyone younger. These girls were dressed in black, like Mel, and their eyes were almost invisible under the heavy mascara and liner. They jangled as they moved, heavy chains and bracelets adorned their neck and limbs, while long black nails protruded like talons from fingerless black leather gloves. They made an ominous trio.

Their dark spiky hair almost interlocked as they leaned into each other, Mel was whispering and they all laughed, then turning away from me they walked towards the town centre.

These two girls and some others from other years above me became my new tormenters. How I hated school. They waited for me at break and dinner time. Joseph wasn’t there to offer me support, he was on the other side of the main building with all the boys. Thankfully the art teacher took pity on me and allowed me to help her clear away and set up for the next class. I enjoyed being in the art room, also it helped me avoid the taunts and fighting.

Bullying is horrible and I felt hurt that Mel was friends with the people who made my life so miserable. I could cope with the name calling and the pushing around, but I hated it when they got my stuff and threw it away or destroyed it. Within a week all the lovely things Gramps had bought for my pencil case were stolen, broken or thrown away. My uniform was ripped, and I had to hide all the bruises from Mum.

What made it worse, there were some girls in my maths class being encouraged to become part of their group, and in every maths lesson I was ridiculed and tormented. Between lessons they would wait in the corridor for me and knock me into the wall. At lunch time they would steal my food or tip it over me. My bag was regularly snatched and emptied, and any homework or other work they found was trashed.

At first I didn’t talk about all this stuff to Joseph. He was having a fabulous time, and really enjoying all the exciting new things connected with the school. It was only when the gang spotted us together on several occasions that he found he was experiencing similar problems. There were boys who were also part of this gang, and when they discovered Joseph was my best friend, and also that Eric was his older brother, they made his life a nightmare too. Eric still hung around with the gang even though he was eighteen. His influence was horrendous.

I am so grateful Joseph is my friend. We helped each other through those awful years.

Joseph, Issy and ‘The Book’


It is 10.46am on 14th August 2004. World events move fast, the news a continual stream of misery, suffering, violence, and terrorism. Suicide bombers blasted London in July. Racial murders and attacks are occurring almost daily. In Ireland the I.R.A. have agreed to decommission weapons. Across the globe from Chattabridge is Africa, where drought, famine, and disease are once more ravaging the babies, children, and adults. People watch the news like a reality peep show, cameras seek out the dying and emaciated and we are asked to help. Issy cried as she stared in horror at the TV screen. We witnessed a tiny human being struggle to rasp the last few breaths of a tragically short life. I put an arm around her, feeling tears wet my own cheeks. It was just a few weeks ago, a huge concert was held, worldwide, to help stop poverty.

I thought about the meal I was about to prepare, and shut my eyes tight as images came into my mind of wasted food, so easily discarded. The starving people in Africa would live if only they could have even a small part what many households throw away. I felt ashamed.

I loved to cook. From an early age I apparently showed an interest, experimenting in the kitchen whenever I got the chance. One of my earliest endeavours had become a scathing ridicule, re-told with enthusiasm by my older brother Eric, and Dad. The embarrassment and humiliation increased as I got older and they stressed the failure, and rubbished who I had become.

They seemed to hate me.

When I was four years old apparently I got up early one morning, and decided to surprise my Mum by making a blackcurrant sorbet and chocolate mousse. I could read the recipes, unfortunately at such a tender age I could not actually understand some of the methods involved. Therefore, the newly laid carpet tiles, every kitchen surface, and cupboard was splattered with blackcurrant, cocoa, and egg. The contents of the freezer were encapsulated with frozen blackcurrant juice and I was a sticky mess of ingredients. My good intentions and desire to please were interpreted as wanton vandalism.

“What you do this for. Are you stupid” Dad’s face was red and sweating with anger.

“You did this deliberately you devil. I’ll show you, messin’ my hard work!”

My Dad thrashed me, I have a vivid memory of this, and Mum cried as she tried to scrub out the stains on the beige floor covering.

Surprisingly this didn’t stop me wanting to cook. Eventually Mum allowed me to help her prepare meals, and when she got a part time job two days a week, I offered to sort out the evening meals for her on those days. I know the meals were good, but Dad and Eric were cruel and critical.

“Oh my god, crap n more crap. Recon we need pigs Dad. They’ll eat this pig swill.”

“Here piggy piggy,” Dad would guffaw, “ cum ‘n get today’s slop.”

I enjoyed the cooking but hated sitting down to the meal with them, their barrage of abuse was unremitting. So I often cooked and served the meal, and then went round to Issy’s house to eat with her family. I felt at home there, they welcomed me and were loving and kind.

Today was Issy’s thirteenth birthday and I was going to help her Mum with the party.

“Hello there you two.” Sari beamed as we walked into the kitchen.

“Oh Mum, have you seen all those poor people in Africa on the news?”

“I watched a programme last night with your Dad. We’ve sent some money today.” Sari shook her head as she spoke, frowning at the memory. She glanced round the room at all the food for Issy’s party and she sighed. “It makes me feel very guilty, we have so much, I mustn’t forget to remember how fortunate we are!”

This made me smile, Sari’s turn of phrase was so unique, I knew exactly what she meant, it’s easy to take food and water for granted when you don’t have to worry about where it’s coming from.

How I loved Sari and Hamish, in awe at the amazing miracles that happened around them. I had known Sari when she was crippled and it was difficult to imagine how this lively woman bustling around the kitchen had once been in a wheelchair. I prayed for a miracle in my life. Although I loved my Dad and brother, I knew they hated me, and a miracle might make them love me back.

The birthday girl had not wanted the usual buffet party with games, instead she asked for a sit down meal with me and her Mum and Dad. She got the idea from her sister Mel who was eighteen a couple of months before, Mel had money to take her friends out for a meal at a restaurant. Issy thought that was really cool. She wasn’t bothered about going out though.

Sari had made Issy’s birthday cake but I was in charge of the meal.

We ushered Issy out of the way, and I set about preparing the three-course dinner.

Later that evening when Mel and some of her obnoxious friend’s gate crashed the meal, I thought back over the years to the other birthday parties Mel ruined. Whenever something special was happening for Issy Mel would be there spoiling the memory.

Mel Alex and Chad had all been drinking.

“Hiya brat, havin’ a nice party?” Mel stumbled into the room, knocking over a floor lamp.

They refused to leave. Sari and Hamish were unable to control the situation.  Mel was sick on the table and Chad broke Issy’s glass, which cut her hand. They all laughed as blood pumped from the deep wound. Sari hastily got some ice and wrapped it up tightly, then we bundled Issy into the car.

The three of them swayed on the doorstep as we drove away, waving and laughing uncontrollably.

At the hospital they removed several shards of glass and put in ten stitches to close the cut. Another special day was ruined.”

WATCH REPORT….Overseers Natsar Iyer and Shamur Iyer

EARTH TIME…August 17th 2005, 5.45am…PLACE – CHATTABRIDGE

Middle Watch…OVERSEERS… Shimur Iyer & Ashmoreth Iyer.

Tsaba were despatched by Sar Iyer after a call to battle from ‘The Boss’. We had observed enemy activity and went to amber status as Heyel’s slaves moved into our dimension, however ‘The Boss’, had called for red status even before we saw the Belial Charash prepare to attack Joseph as he was climbing the ladder.

The battle was fierce they were swarming all around him, pulling at his arms and legs. They were trying to pull him into the ethereal highway where Heyel himself was waiting. Tsaba swooped to intervene and although they fought mightily they could not ‘loose’ him from the Belial Charash.


I was having a restless night. It was hot and the air in my bedroom felt heavy with moisture and heat. Tossing about, tiredness washed over me, only to evaporate into the damp of my tangled up sheets. My eyes would open, and yet again only minutes had passed. The night seemed endless.

Suddenly I was no longer in my bed. I could feel something hard under my bare feet, and my hands grasped the ivory coloured coolness of the ladder. Slowly I began to climb. Looking up there was a mist of greenness ahead. This was different, not my usual dream of the ladder.

Cautiously I climbed towards the looming mist hanging around the ladder, it made me feel uneasy. I moved one hand into the mist and heard myself cry out in agony, something seemed to freeze my flesh, sticking my hand to the ladder.

The Belial, two Charash, attacked Joseph.

Unable to pull free I tried to move my head and shoulders into the swirling green fog. Every cell in my body shivered, and the shock made me lose my footing, but amazingly I didn’t fall.

Looking down I saw the most breathtaking figure I had ever seen, He grasped my feet and planted them firmly back onto the rungs. My emotions were threadbare!

Ahead was the most evil and frightening presence, it had terrified me.

I looked down and saw a figure of unearthly light, with a gentle touch yet strong hands. My fear melted.

“Joseph, don’t be afraid. Climb the ladder, there’s something I want you to see.”

I felt light beams of love coming from the figure, lighting me up, making me feel like I had never felt before in my life, completely happy, completely peaceful, and totally trusting in the words being spoken.”

Watching Joseph, I carefully monitored the situation, then I relaxed when the ‘Boss’ appeared.

I glanced down. Issy was on the ladder as well. She was shaking her head.


“Where is this?” One moment I was in bed, and then in the next instant I found myself looking at a ladder.

I screwed up my eyes; there was someone on the ladder.

“It’s Joseph!” I was startled, I had spoken aloud, and my voice seemed to echo.

I began to climb.

Joseph was getting closer, I concentrated on speed so I could catch him up. Abruptly I was forced to stop as the ladder shook. Holding on with both hands tightly gripping the rung above my head I became immobile, and was horrified to see Joseph dangling below a lime fog, his feet thrashing about unable to make contact with the ladder.

Triggered into movement I sped upwards, and then almost fell myself as I saw the beautiful person from my dream take hold of Joseph’s feet and guide them to safety.

“It’s you.” I whispered, but He heard me.

“Hello Issy.” I felt myself melting as He smiled at me.

Joseph looked down and grinned. “Hey! What you doing here? This is my dream!”

We watched the brilliant figure move ahead of us.

“Joseph, Issy. Don’t look down. Don’t look to the right or left keep your eyes firmly fixed on me. As we pass through the ethereal highway, you will see and hear unearthly things. Do not be afraid. I am with you.”

We began to climb.

I felt my heart thumping. He was so close. My eyes remained fixed on His beautiful figure.

Joseph was climbing beside me, yet neither of us looked at each other, both of us focussed on Him.

Our concentration wavered as we heard the sound of rain gently pattering on the leaves causing us both to glance away.

We looked at each other in disbelief. A fine mist of water was steadily falling, yet there was the bluest sky, not a cloud in sight. All around us were trees. The ladder was gone.

“Issy, what just happened?”

“Don’t know“.

We  screwed up our eyes in an attempt to discover where the ladder had gone.

“The ladder is your path and I am the One you are following, so even though you find yourselves back in the world you no longer belong to the world, your destiny is with Me. You will remain in the world until your mission is completed. “

The voice was like a thousand tiny bells. It was gentle and came from everywhere. We both looked for The Beautiful One. There was only His voice.

“You have had the other, the spirit realm revealed to you. Your eyes have been opened to the dimension beyond, yet parallel to the world you live in. This realm is real. As I have revealed this to you, so my enemy, and your enemy, reveals it to his dark servants, the humans enslaved into his service by those spawned out of darkness and living in the spirit realm. The battles are fiercer, more lethal than any of your wars, because these supernatural forces are fighting over the human soul and its eternal destiny.

I am giving you weapons of Spiritual warfare, discernment so you can identify the enemy, and my warriors and my helpers to assist you.

Beware of the distractions. They will be used by the enemy to divert you from your mission.

Whenever you lose sight of where you are going, and what you are in the world for, call to me, I will hear you and respond. The enemy wants you to believe that you are alone. You are never alone I am always with you.”

In amazement we suddenly found that we were each holding a Book.

“Never let ‘The Book’ out of your possession. The enemy will try to steal it from you because it is vital to your mission on earth. I am asking you to show people who I Am. Time is running out for them, and they have a choice to make.  It’s very simple.

‘The Book’ holds the answers to everything, it’s words are alive, they will speak to you, they will give solutions to problems, they will help you when nothing else can help, they will protect you when you are surrounded and weary from fighting, they are missiles, more powerful than anything the enemy will use against you, they are wisdom greater than any wisdom ever known, and they are your reassurance that all is well with you, that I am close.

Keep ‘The Book’ safe, always with you, it is my promises, it is my guide, revealing things to come. It is Me.”

We had been somewhere outside time, things had happened and yet here we both stood, no longer in our beds, no longer in that other beautiful place.

I heard a huge noise behind me. Trembling I reached out to Joseph and we both looked around at the same moment.

There was a wall of water bearing down upon us. I thought, “Why?”

In that moment of thought I grabbed Joseph’s hand and we ran.”

WATCH REPORT….EARTH TIME – August 17th 2005 … 6am

Observance Leader – Mishmar Iyer

Observance Post – Chattabridge Belial H.Q. ( Legion Arms)

We were just about to hand over to Shomrah and Eran when Belial activity was monitored. The Belial targets are Chad, Alex, and Mel. The Tsaba were on standby. There was an urgent despatch from the three Shamir, Azar, Qual, and Ezrath who guard Chad, Alex, and Mel. They requested URGENT assistance.

Azar Shamir, Qal Shamir, and Ezrath Shamir, were beside Chad, Alex and Mel. So often, the Shamir found their job frustrating and upsetting. They had special training to deal with sights they must witness, as the Belial gained victory over the humans they were given charge to guard. Theirs was a lifetime assignment with just one person, so they got to know their charges very well. Sadly, the people trapped in time had a fatal weakness allowing them to be easily led. The Shamir never gave up hope that one day their human would utter a desperate cry for release, allowing them to intervene. Unless invited they were powerless to help.

Alex woke up with a violent surge of anger, foul words poured out of his mouth.

He was so close he’d almost grabbed the net. Suddenly he was aware that a figure, half hidden by shadow was crouching in the corner of his bedroom holding out the net.

Alex pinched himself. “Ouch! Nope I’m not dreamin’.”

The Rakiyl moved forward pushing the net into Alex’s hand. As Alex felt the icy coldness on his fingers, a vapour appeared surrounding the net. The mist swirled and forcing its way passed Alex’s lips, he swallowed. The net and the mist were gone. Inside he felt a surge of power rising from the very pit of his stomach. This force exploded between his teeth,

It erupted into a torrent of words so vile even Alex shuddered. The words became green bullets shooting into the airwaves and disappearing through his bedroom wall.

“WOW!” This word was in his head.

Alex learned quickly. He pondered about the bullets and the target, then, he heard a Rakiyl voice whisper, “Joseph … Issy”.

Qal Shamir watched.

Chad was also busy in his room that morning. He was enjoying a particularly impressive power surge that had begun in his dream and yet remained with him when he woke up. Never before had he felt such strength. His mind was consumed with imaginings of how he could use this to bully and make people do exactly what he wanted.

“Who are my first victims going to be?” His thoughts turned to Joseph and Issy, and his fist smashed into an M.M. poster causing the wood of his wardrobe door behind to splinter.

Chad and Alex finally emerged from their rooms, and after eating several bowls of cereal, they dashed to the door.

“We’re off to see Mel.” They yelled over their shoulders, two voices saying the same thought.

Azar and Qal Shamir followed.

Drinking at the bar of the Legion Arms were four young people.

I watched them get very drunk, seeing what human eyes could not.

Beside each of them was Belial, a Rakiyl whispering and encouraging, “Go on have another. It makes you feel good.” And a Shaden, poised, ready, waiting for the moment when the alcohol took over. In that moment, the Shaden seemed to step through and into the bodies of each of the young people and they were transformed. Leers appeared on their faces and they began to push over chairs.

“Hey what you think you’re doin’ ?” A middle-aged man approached them as a chair whizzed by his head.

The girl in the group grabbed his arm. He felt the strength through his coat. All three lads set upon him, punching, kicking, twisting, and slapping.

They swaggered through the door laughing. The man was left crumpled on the floor.

Mishmar Iyer watched, unable to help. There was no call for intervention.

The group moved quickly and loudly up the road. Spotting Alex and Chad, the girl shouted, “What you up to?”

“We’re off to collect Mel, then we’re gonna hav’ some fun. You know where Joseph an Issy hang out?”

“Naw, never had time for them, they’re geeks.”

Chad and Alex moved away. “Meet us by the old quarry in half an hour.”

Chad and Alex never reached Mel’s house, and the foursome never reached the quarry, they were all scooped from earth into the ethereal highway, and transported onto the great wide ladder. Azar and Qal Shamir waited. They hoped to hear a cry for help from their humans. None came.

Mel was looking around her bedroom with new eyes. She wasn’t asleep yet she could see clearly a luminous green hole in her wall.

She had emerged from her night’s sleep with thoughts so full of hatred and anger, all directed at Issy. The one overriding thought in her mind was to get even with her half sister. She had stolen everything from her, especially her place of favour with her Dad. Issy was despicable, a manipulator and a thief.

She decided to visit a favourite web site and have a go at some more of the spells. All the previously tried spells were directed at Issy, meant to harm, maim, or destroy. So far none of them had worked.

Mel was chanting, writing down on pieces of paper incantations to leave in Issy’s room. Behind her, the green glow appeared just above the skirting board and slowly began to rise up the wall.

Ezrath Shamir looked at the scene, and with shaking head waited.

Her absorption was interrupted when Mel noticed the light had changed in her room, it was no longer sunny and warm. Coldness nudged her, and she became aware of a green aura surrounding her, moving across the keyboard, over her hands, up her arms and face and ‘tingling’ her eyes so she blinked rapidly.

Her chair seemed to spin around of its own volition. There it was, a massive hole.

“Oh, my, god!”

Ezrath Shamir winced at her words.

Like a movie, being projected onto her wall Mel watched as a platform began to rise up out of the hole. Sitting on the pad was a small hairy creature with long long fingers reaching out to her. She smiled thinking how cute it looked.

Mel was drawn towards the hole. She stepped around her chair and moved into the green mist allowing herself to be touched by the icy cold fingers. The Shaden had gained control.

The green mist carried Mel out of her room. She was transported on the green ethereal highway to a place where she saw a wide ladder rising up like a staircase. There were six figures on it. She began to climb.

Ezrath Shamir waited, hoping for a cry of help. None came.

Mel eventually caught up with Chad, Alex and the four kids from the pub.

“Wow this is awesome!” Mel gasped for breath as she finally reached the six figures ahead of her.

“Hiyah” Chad responded, the rest nodded, or raised a fist.

All around them in the green swirling mist strange beings vied for position, drawing closer and closer to the youngsters.

“You reccon we’ve been abducted by aliens?” Alex inclined his head towards the Shaden, he sneered at the repulsive creatures.

“Hello pretty people.” A figure appeared out of the green mist and stood before them, blocking any further progress up the ladder. He oozed power. No one challenged him or even spoke. In his hands, he held six books, bound in leather and embossed with gold.

“I am Heyel. I like what I see in all of you so I have decided to use you. Come work for me and I will give you all you want. Perhaps you would like money, or power, or supernatural abilities?” He turned to Chad and Alex smiling, “You my sons have already had a taste of what I can offer. There is so much I can do for you, and in return, all I ask is that you help me destroy those who would usurp my power. See, I have a gift for each of you, if you are willing to help me I will give you this book of power, words so incredible, words so destructive no-one can stand against you.” He watched the six closely, piercing deep into them, and as each responded, he placed a book in their hand. Chad and Mel were the only ones to pause, albeit momentarily. Heyel smiled victoriously when they too reached for his book.

“Your first assignment is to destroy Joseph and Issy, they are becoming very dangerous. My book will help you, also my slaves the Belial, they are the Rakiyl and the Shaden. The Rakiyl are very good at distracting our enemies, making them doubt what they are doing, and the Shaden are cunning, they will be at your side advising and moving against anything my enemy will put in your path. Most of their battles will take place in the spirit realm, but they can also unite with you to give you more power.”

Mel felt a surge of excitement rush through her.

Heyel looked at her, he smiled, and she shivered.

“I am sending you back riding on a force so powerful Joseph and Issy will be swept away. When victory is complete and they are destroyed, I will reward you. Your choice is sealed, our transaction is complete. So, until we meet again when I call you, I say goodbye, my pretty people. Enjoy my power.”

In an instant, the six were picked up on a huge wave, surfing the water, surging forward at phenomenal speed.

Azar Qal and Ezrath Shamir watched.

The Beautiful One was running with Joseph and Issy as they tried to escape the oncoming wave.

“Issy look in My Book”.

Issy stopped and as the page opened she read, “He commanded the wind and the waves.”

At the top of her voice, she yelled, “The One who commands the wind and the waves, has given me authority, so I command you in His name to stop”.

Joseph let go of her arm and his jaw fell open in amazement, the huge wall of water disappeared, silence replaced noise.

“Yes!” Issy punched at the air.

Both of them said, “Thank you”.

“How awesome was that Issy!” Joseph beamed.

They hugged each other and stared into the distance, maybe they had imagined the wave, and perhaps it was all in their imagination. (The Rakiyl were already busy whispering doubt)

“It was real wasn’t it Joseph?” They shook their heads and then nodded at each other.

A sureness that was breathtaking washed over them, and they hugged again. “Come on Issy we’ve got a mission.”

One’s voice echoed throughout the Spirit Realm, “Joseph and Issy are empowered.

Iyer, (Watchers), be alert. Watch over every aspect changing in the Spirit Realm. Watch over every aspect changing, every day and every night in earthly time.

Malak, (Messengers), be diligent, ready to warn Issy and Joseph of impending physical attack, use pictures and dreams, they will now understand the significance.

Luminar, be ready, to influence them and guide them, to help them interpret and realize the meaning of their dreams and pictures. Encourage them to trust and to use their Spirit Power.

Tsaba, (Warriors), move instantly to protect Joseph and Issy, prepare to do battle in the Spirit Realm and on earth.

Their Spirit eyes are open, Their Spirit eyes are seeing, Spirit power will respond to the physical attack that will inevitably happen, in time.

Guardians, Shimrath and Tabbach, you have a responsibility given to few Shamir. Your charges, Joseph and Issy are to become mighty human warriors fighting everything Heyel has perpetrated on earth. Sar Iyer will be watching ready to despatch extra support.”


Abaydaw was on red alert.

Heyel was briefing his servants, identifying a battle plan and strategy for the manipulation and ultimate control of Alex, Chad, Mel and their four friends, resulting in the annihilation of the latest real threat to him, Issy and Joseph.

He laughed when he thought of how easily the pretty people could be duped, even some of those who believed they were on the side of One. Giving the pretty people free choice was a gift to Heyel, he could manipulate their selfishness, jealousy, greed, anger and many other aspects of their nature. It was rare nowadays to get real adversaries, souls given totally to One, so entwined with Him that Heyel couldn’t get a look in. This prompted a rage so intense it consumed Heyel.

Abaydaw is a dark place, somewhere so evil and vile, that any entering, are lost, for eternity. Heyel created this kingdom.

Abaydaw is divided. Its outer perimeter is Chatsar, the training ground of all Belial, who are Rakiyl (whisperers who entrap innocent souls), the Shaden, (who recruit souls, taking them over for Heyel and his kingdom), and the Charash, (who are fighters). It is also home to the Malakuth, these are double agents, devious and foul in their work and scheming, second only to their master, Heyel.

In the very centre of Abaydaw is Maveth, the seat of all evil, this is where Heyel initiated the Hamam Decree, the decree to destroy. The green ethereal highway has its primary source in Maveth, pumping out the green mist, carrying entrapment and death to every corner of the world, where it is allowed to enter.

The kingdom is dark, Heyel is even darker. Yet he and his agents of destruction appear in the world using many guises, appearing innocent, even helpful to a world of self-adoring people whose mantra in life is, “Give me more, I want more, I deserve more”. Heyel will answer, he will give them more, but his price is too costly, and so many fall into his trap before they understand, he wants their souls.

Abaydaw overlaps at one point with a place known as Shepha, this is where the decision is made about a soul and its eternal destiny.

Olam-Sheol lies deep beneath the kingdom of Abaydaw, it is here that a soul bonded with Heyel will find their eternity. There are no words to describe this place, no sound agonised enough to measure the despair and pain of such total darkness. Separated from light forever, because they ignored One, seeing too late His awesome love for them, and understanding too late that He, and He alone, is everything.

When a soul reaches Shepha without the life and light of One, it is too late.

How did such a terrible place came into existence?

Why did Heyel create something so awful?

Heyel once served at Yeriyel, the throne of power. He basked in the light and love of Bara. Heyel radiated a glorious sound, so beautiful that motion and all else ceased when he opened his mouth. He overwhelmed the Spirit Realm with awesome melodies, he delighted everyone around Yeriyel.

His adoration of the wonderful gift he had been given caused a root of pride to grow deep inside him, and he used his gift to stir up within the Spirit Realm feelings of discontent. He attracted followers who massaged his ego, praising him and telling him how wonderful he and his gift were. Eventually his pride began to change into anger, telling him that he should be seated at Yeriyel, seated on the very throne of power. He shared his thoughts with his followers who declared allegiance to him alone. They chose to rebel.

In an instant, he and his army were thrown out of Yeriyel, down far below the river of light.

He was given a kingdom, but this was not the kingdom he wanted, Yeriyel was the prize he cherished above all.

Heyel decided to create a place where he could work from, a place where he could gather and increase his servants. This place is called Abaydaw.

Heyel is driven by hate, working within time to trap it in his darkness, driven to undo all Jesus did on earth. Festering anger gnaws at him each moment because he can’t forget how he was fooled into thinking he had got rid of Jesus when the people crucified Him. He raged, the thought of death, his one victory, was now defeated. Jesus is alive, stronger and more powerful than ever before.

Heyel is ruthless in his pursuit of souls, his recruitment methods are despicable. His essential mission is to prevent the ‘pretty ones’ discovering what Jesus has done for them. With this deceit in place they become his.

Heyel was delighted with his latest conquests, Alex, Chad, Mel and their four lapdogs, these kids were so filled with anger it thrilled him. They would be excellent representatives.


One has created everything that is. He is Bara, the Creator. Nothing exists that did not come from Him.

Heyel interfered with the most precious of Bara’s creation, causing them to have to choose between Bara and himself. Bara despaired and even became angry as some of His creation listened and followed Heyel, He knew He had to help them and offer them a better choice, to show them how much He loved them. He allowed part of Himself to become bound into time, breathed into life by Ruach, forming, growing, being born, and living among the precious people. He was named Jesus.

Heyel was furious and launched a major attack, cutting in at every opportunity, using the people to discredit, mutilate, and finally kill and destroy this threat to his growing kingdom. Heyel thought that if he killed Jesus, he would win.

In His human body, Jesus experienced everything, He understood about being dependant on parents, He could feel pain. He went through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. He knew the sadness of death. He experienced betrayal. He was beaten, whipped, and tormented, taking on his flesh and into Him every illness known to man. He suffered an agonizing separation from everything He was, from Bara, the part of Him remaining at Yeriel. He absorbed into Himself every wrong thing anyone has ever done or will do. His human body died and He went down to Abaydaw and into Olam-Sheol, He spoke to those already there telling them why He was sent. His power was so great Heyel could not keep him at Olam-Sheol and He left that terrible place returning to earth, taking with him all who would choose to follow Him. His human friends saw Him, they spoke to Him, they touched Him, and they ate with Him. He told them that they have to tell people about the choice, the choice of eternal life with Him.

Heyel was infuriated. He bellowed and raged, death had been a weapon so wonderful against these pretty people and now Jesus had taken that final wonderful blow away from him. He set about planning webs of deceit, confusion, and unbelief, traps for stupid humans. They would believe anything he told them. He would have their souls.

Jesus, again united with Bara, sent Ruach to help Their children, to live with and in them when they made the choice of life. Ruach is the part of One and Bara that Joseph and Issy came to depend upon, as they battled with Heyel and his forces of evil.

Joseph and Issy had made a choice for life. They would never be alone again, One was protecting them watching over them, caring for them, Ruach lived within them.


The green ethereal highway was “buzzing”.

Issy and Joseph had used the “Word” and escaped.

Heyel lambasted anything coming close to him, he railed into the air obscenities, incensed by recent events indicating a shift in his control.

For many years now Heyel manipulated and contrived, schemes of such cunning and deception, the world actually thought he was a cheeky chap with horns and a tail, who was really just mischievous, not very bad, and actually a lot of fun. He laughed aloud as he watched the stupid pretty people actually dressing up their kids in his image, and in the image of his slaves, thinking it was all innocent play-acting. Dressed for the part and with tricky things encouraged, it was easy to get inside the minds of these vulnerable kids, easy to draw them onto the slippery slope of dabbling with Ouija boards, spells, witchcraft, and other dark areas. Oh yes he had been clever there too, these stupid humans actually fell for his lies, believing there can be good witches and bad witches. He did such a convincing job they even forgot what had been written, for age after age…. “There is no such thing as a good witch.”

How easy it had been to dupe these self centred, “I want everything and I want it now!” pretty people, they were doing the job for him with their kids, passing on their selfish attitudes. Even Commerce had got in on the act, he was shown in every evil guise imaginable, and they called it entertainment, DVD’S, games, books, and the whole Halloween idea. How easy to claim their souls, ruin their lives and drag them into his service.


The spirit realm had ripples of a strong force rising up. Heyel feared this force.

There had always been a presence of some humans out of his reach because of the protection and power given to them when they accepted and came under the authority of ONE.

How he hated them.

Even they had fallen under his web of deceit, and he had managed to blind many of them to the full strength of the power they possessed, because his Rakiyl had whispered doubts and lies for centuries.

Suddenly all was changing.

There were some really strong humans who were proving to be a big problem, and he needed to eliminate them as quickly as possible, to stop this power growing and spreading to more of them.

These humans were dangerous.

So far, every plan he had initiated had failed. All over the world Belial were reporting incidents, the Rakiyl were unable to penetrate the armour of protection covering these souls, who have ears unresponsive to his vile whisperers. Shaden could not move into control, they were failing to break through, to get inside them, and take over.

The most powerful resistance happened in the spiritual arena, the place where very few humans could function, yet Issy had released such authority into the airwaves she had caused one of Heyels strongest onslaughts, a lethal tidal wave, to stop and disappear into a mere trickle of water. For thousands of years nothing like this had been seen. His slaves were getting ‘twitchy’.

Heyel knew he must act quickly to regain the ground he had lost. He decided to bring in the new recruits his Belial had been nurturing so carefully over the past years. Six of them were his, but one of them was holding back. It was only a matter of time. He knew her so well, she hated her half sister, and he could do wonders with just a little bit of dislike.

With all that festering resentment, anger, jealousy and raw enmity, he was confident he would get her soul.

He walked silently towards the group.

All of them were shocked. They felt cheated.

Mel could not believe what she had just seen. It was all going excellently, they were on target, riding high on that mountain of a wave hurling straight for Issy and Joseph. She was sure they would both be wiped from existence. Mel remembered seeing Issy turn, face the wall of water, and she saw something fly out of her mouth and explode right at them. The solid depth of surging fury beneath her feet seemed to tremble and then she felt herself falling ever such a long way, to land painfully, on an outcrop of rock.

Issy and Joseph were gone.

Mel looked around, she could hear a stream of foul language pouring from Alex’s mouth.

Chad was punching the ground in frustration, he felt cheated, he needed a ‘violence fix’. He got up and went over to one of the four kids who had joined up with them, he began to kick him. The kid was dazed, lying on the floor.

A figure was approaching them. Heyel narrowed his eyes and smirked.

“Well well my pretty people, you failed miserably. Come with me and I will equip you. I will show you power, power that will make you invincible. Come my pretty ones, we have so much work to do.”

The two girls and five young men gaped at Heyel. He mesmerised them. Mel hesitated momentarily, then, without question, they all silently followed the departing Heyel.

From a considerable distance, Joseph and Issy watched, frozen to the spot. The hairs on the back of their necks were standing on end.